Our 8 phase Construction Process is based on years of experience and best practices, and has become a gold standard against which others are measured. It takes the seemingly daunting construction process and breaks it down into 8 manageable phases, with corresponding meetings, all designed to inform you of the next steps within the life cycle of building your dream home. Stated very simply this will answer the question “what’s next?”. Your Project Manager will be reviewing the order of upcoming schedule items along with any notes from the Pre-Construction Meeting, change orders, as well as your selections to ensure we are all on the same page. This will also include general process and brief (but thorough) descriptions of how we will build. It is a great opportunity for you to discuss any potential changes or areas of focus, as well as ask any questions related to each phase.

1. Pre-Construction Meeting

2. Construction Start

3. Mechanicals, Masonry & Roof

4. Insulation & Drywall

5. Interior Finish

6. Mechanical Trim & Appliances

7. Homeowner Walk-Thru and Punch

8. Homeowner Orientation and Acceptance